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Get Involved

One of the top frustrations I hear among voters is that they feel their elected officials are not accessible to them and that they are disconnected from the legislative process. 

Some of the most practical and impactful ways to be involved are to write a letter to your legislator, to testify on bills that are meaningful to you, and to visit your representative in person in the State House. Remember, it is the PEOPLE'S HOUSE, and your presence makes a difference. 

To testify in person: 

  • Visit and scroll to the bottom and select "Public Hearing". 

  • Select the committee which the bill has been sent to under Committee Selection.

  • Select the hearing date/time. 

  • Select the bill on which you would like to testify.

  • Complete the information.

  • Select "Submit/Register".

*You can also testify via Zoom or submit a written testimony. 

Write a letter to your Representative and State Senator:

Maine House of Representatives 

2 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333

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